Choose The Right Door For You

If you need to replace the doors on the exterior or interior of your home we can help. It is important to learn about the different options available to you for replacement. Unless you are planning to sell your home in the near future, base your design on what you like, regardless of whether it fits in the latest trend or not.

Steel Doors

Steel doors will not rot they are a relatively low cost, and high strength. There are several disadvantages to installing a steel door. Although they can’t rot, they can rust over time. This typically happens at the bottom edge of the door and can be due to an improper application of paint. Another disadvantage of steel doors is the inability for them to be trimmed. This means that unless your door opening is a “stock size,” the door would need to be custom ordered for your opening, increasing the cost. Like wood doors, if a steel door is not periodically repainted, on all sides of the door, it can lead to potential water damage.

Durability: 4/5

Wood Doors

The primary advantage of a wood door is their appearance. No other material has the potential to look quite as good as a well stained wood door. A wood door must be well maintained to prevent rotting, including periodic resealing of the finish on all sides of the door, including the top and bottom. One other advantage of a wood entry door is the fact that it can be trimmed to fit most any opening. On a newer home this isn’t often a problem, but on older homes this can sometimes be necessary. When it comes to price, a well made wood door is usually the most expensive of the three options.

Durability: 3/5

Fiberglass Doors

 A fiberglass door succeeds where both wood and steel  doors fail: durability. A fiberglass door is entirely impervious to rot and rust and this tends to make it the ideal replacement door. Fiberglass doors also have the potential to look very nice.  They are available in smooth, paintable finishes as well as imitation stained wood finishes. Most fiberglass doors have the option to come prefinished from the factory with a high quality, durable finish that will often last the life of the door. Fiberglass doors are often slightly trimmable, but are not quite as customizable as a wood door. Fiberglass doors are more expensive than steel doors, but not as expensive as wood doors. They are by far the most “maintenance free” of all exterior doors.

Durability: 5/5