Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day is upon us and the Fall Season will soon follow with the holidays not that far behind.  ‘Tis the season for family and friends to visit!  And so September is the launch of the year’s second busiest home improvement cycle!  We understand you’ll be hosting, we understand you want your home to look its best and though it may be the holidays that inspire you to start these end of the year projects, let’s face it, you’ll benefit year round with the comfort and energy savings on bills as well!

So what exactly do you picture tackling first?

  • Those single pane windows that have been letting the cool air slip out of your house all summer and will soon be letting the warm air slip out this winter?
  • That front door that is the first impression everyone has of your home when they enter and is barely hanging on the hinges?
  • The insulation in your attic that is so thin you imagine if the heat escapes from your body through your head, just how much is escaping through your attic?
  • You’re preparing to say goodbye to your beloved backyard BBQ’s because no matter how many times you’ve considered adding a patio to add outdoor living space to your home, you just haven’t actually pulled the trigger yet.
  • You drive up to your home and see the paint peeling and swear you just paid to have your home painted and yet it’s obviously time for it to be painted again.  You’ve heard that if you have siding installed you’ll never have to paint again and well, maybe it’s finally time for that investment?

Whatever the home improvement project is that you’re thinking (and over-thinking!), NOW is the time to make the phone call to atleast get a quote.  Let us brainstorm with you on which project to take on and which to save for next Spring.  Fill out this form for a FREE quote and let us bring you the comfort and savings you deserve!