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Free Triple Pane Upgrade

EXCITING NEWS: We’ve received the go ahead to extend our FREE TRIPLE PANE UPGRADE offer just a few more weeks. This is a HUGE savings and it won’t last long. Do you want to know more about single pane vs. dual pane vs. triple pane windows? We’re more than happy to tell you the pros/cons […]

Tax Rebates Still Available

Last year’s highly publicized tax rebates may have expired, but there are new tax credits that were passed at lower levels available and among the many energy saving items included are windows and doors!  That’s right, if Hawkins Exteriors Spring offer of a FREE triple pane window upgrade wasn’t enough savings, did you consider qualifying […]

Time To Replace Doors?

Spring home improvement projects are well underway and the transformations are  beautiful!  Here’s a recently completed Hawkins Exteriors replacement door project that shows what a difference french doors can make.  Besides the benefit of saving on your energy bills with the added insulation of replacing a single pane glass, the look of these new french […]

Weekend Home Show Fun

We’re gearing up for a big Home Show filled weekend in both California and Nevada!  We’ll be on hand at TWO home shows this weekend to answer all of your questions about windows, doors, high performance siding, patio covers, shutters and more…come see us: The Paradise Home and Garden Show Saturday, May 7th from 11am […]

High Performance Siding

As we expanded our High Performance Siding products into Northern Nevada last year, it has become more and and more clear that siding is an investment homeowners continue to invest in as it provides benefits for years to come. Durability: It’s long lasting and durable and while it stands up to even severe weather conditions, […]

Spring Project Inspiration

It’s that wonderful time of year where longer days and warm temperatures are inspiring us to open up our windows and let the sunshine in while we’re spring cleaning.  Maybe you’ve already gotten a jump start on your spring projects too!  If not, here’s a little inspiration to get moving… it’s amazing the difference a […]

Spring Offer Announced!

Spring is here and it’s time to get a move on those home improvement projects!  Need a little extra incentive?  We’re thrilled to offer a HUGE incentive with this limited time offer. Call us today for details and to set up an appointment for a free estimate: 800-233-2312.

Home Energy Use Tips

While replacing your single pane windows will help you save on your home’s energy bills, there are a number of other ways you can conserve energy and save pennies.  Here are a few ways you can save with making some changes to just one room in your home.  Our focus today will be your living […]

Single, Dual or Triple Pane?

The obvious between the three is that double pane and triple pane windows offer better soundproofing, heating and cooling efficiency and the potential for energy savings.  But is there a real difference between dual pane and triple pane glass? Double pane windows became common in the 1950’s for residential use and their double panes offered […]