Earth Day projects

With Earth Day this Sunday, we started thinking of all the ways our products help reduce your carbon footprint… here are just a few:

Replacement Windows: By upgrading from single pane to double pane or even triple pane windows, you better insulate the warmth of your home as well as the cool air conditioning in the summer.  With year round savings on your energy bills, replacement windows are a great start to saving energy!

Replacement Doors:  Like the single pane windows, those old doors can also be letting air escape– replacement doors are a quick solution to saving energy as well as beautifying your home.

Siding: One of the best ways of insulating your home with environmentally safe products– and the bonus of never having to paint your house again?!

Patio Cover: Turn down your air conditioning and enjoy the outdoors from the extended living a space a patio cover can provide.  The Sacramento Delta Breeze can cool down the warmest summer days and what better place to enjoy it than under your patio cover?

Insulation: Having Hawkins Exteriors insulate your attic will give your home better thermal performance year round as well.  Not to mention the sound barrier it provides as well.

Shutters: More than any other window covering, shutters last longer, resist weather better, are easier to clean and add more value to your home while allowing you to control light, temperature, noise and privacy.

Investing into these home improvement projects will literally pay for themselves within a matter of time and allow you to reduce your carbon footprint.  This Earth Day, call Hawkins Exteriors to set up your free quote on a home improvement project that will help you cut back on your energy bills right away!

Happy Earth Day 2012 from Hawkins Exteriors!

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