Affordable tips to stay cool

Summer officially began on Thursday and while the temps have cooled to the 70’s this week, the summer hear will be back next week.  Here are some helpful tips from the Better Business Bureau to keep you and your checkbook cool this summer… and always remember to check with the BBB before working with any home improvement contractor.  We at Hawkins Exteriors always provide you a link to our current status with the BBB on our home page.

1. Have your duct system tested for leaks; up to 40% of the energy put out by a central AC
system can seep through leaky ducts.
2. Have your AC repair company conduct a blower test. A blower test reveals where cold air is escaping from your home.
3. Replace your AC filter.
4. Upgrade aging equipment. A new Energy Star compliant model could save you a bundle during the summer season.
5. Set your thermostat as high as comfort permits so that your AC doesn’t have to work as hard.
6. Don’t put appliances that generate heat, like lamps and TVs, under your wall-mounted cooling thermostat. The heat rising from them can cause the thermostat to read a temperature higher than the actual room temperature resulting in overcooling the entire house.
7. Open windows during cool evening hours and let the outside air rather than your AC cool your home.
8. Install and use ceiling fans. Set the blades in the summertime so the air blows downward.
9. Close heating-only air-duct registers, fireplace dampers, and doorways to the basement.
10. Keep doors to unused rooms closed.
11. Complete tasks that may generate heat (cooking, cleaning, and laundry) in the early morning or evening.
12. Close blinds and curtains on the sunny side of the house.
13. Properly insulate and ventilate your attic allowing warm air to escape through your roof.
14. Turn off all lights and appliances-including the TV and computer-when not in use.
15. Use a microwave or outdoor grill for cooking when possible.

Curious about how well insulated and ventilated your attic is?  Have Hawkins come out and provide you with a free energy savings report.  Make an appointment today!

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