Home Energy Use Tips

While replacing your single pane windows will help you save on your home’s energy bills, there are a number of other ways you can conserve energy and save pennies.  Here are a few ways you can save with making some changes to just one room in your home.  Our focus today will be your living room:

1. Home electronics can account for up to 15% of your households electricity usage and many times using energy even when they’re turned off!  Unplug any items you are not using.

2. Use a power strip as a central ‘turn off’ point for electronics, video games and computers when not in use.

3. By sealing or caulking any holes where TV/cable wires enter your home you can also keep cold air outside!

4. Make sure all vents are clear of any furniture or rugs to improve air flow and comfort in your home.

5. Replace your highest use fixtures—like that bright lamp in your living room!—with energy saving light bulbs!

6. During the winter months, take advantage of the warm sunshine by keeping your drapes open during the day and in the summer, keep them closed to keep out that same heat!

7. Make sure you caulk or weather strip around any windows and doors to prevent leaking air.

8. When not using your fireplace, close the flue damper tightly to prevent warm or cool air from escaping the house.

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