Single, Dual or Triple Pane?

The obvious between the three is that double pane and triple pane windows offer better soundproofing, heating and cooling efficiency and the potential for energy savings.  But is there a real difference between dual pane and triple pane glass?

Double pane windows became common in the 1950’s for residential use and their double panes offered a good source of additional insulation so their popularity grew.  The double pane window was made of two panes of glass with an air space between them, usually a half inch or less.

Triple pane windows in comparison consisted of an interior, middle and exterior layer of glass with a side pane of glass, plus two air spaces between the three glass layers, providing even extra insulation.  Thus, triple pane windows have become more and more popular as homeowners look for ways to further reduce their energy bills.

The perceived disadvantage of triple pane glass has been they are more expensive and the heavier pane causes a more difficult installation.  But just as we moved from single pane to double pane windows for their advantages, triple pane window business continues to grow as people realize the long term energy savings.

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