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Every Hawkins Exteriors project begins with a free quote!  We’re ready to schedule an appointment to come out to your home and not only hear what you’re envisioning but also offer our expertise from the over 60+ years we’ve been offering home improvement solutions for our customers!  Call us today to schedule your appointment: 1-800-233-2312 or fill out this form online and we’ll reach out to you!

Who doesn’t love a transformation?

What a difference newly installed windows make— visually and on your pocketbook. Start saving on your energy bills year round with new windows from Hawkins Exteriors. Call us today to schedule your free estimate: 1-800-233-2312.

Fall Savings with New Windows from Hawkins

There’s still time to replace your windows in time to welcome guests for the holidays!  And you can also SAVE!  We’ve extended our offer on replacement windows and you may be eligible to save $97 per window with a Limited Time Energy Rebate from Hawkins Exteriors!  Call us today for details at 1-800-233-2312 or fill out this form and let us know the best time to reach you!  Save on your energy bills this Fall with new windows from Hawkins Exteriors!

Window Replacement Sacramento

The benefits of window replacement

In the Sacramento Valley, the home improvement season starts in late January – no matter what’s in the weather forecast.  Hawkins Exteriors, who celebrates their 60th anniversary of window replacement in the Sacramento market this April 2016, is familiar with the shopping pattern. For 60 years, Hawkins Exteriors has answered questions from customers up and down the Sacramento market asking why they should replace their windows, what benefits they’ll have from replacing their windows, including the long terms energy savings from window replacement.

While the Sacramento market doesn’t have the extreme cold conditions of the East Coast, we do have hot summers and cold enough winters that replacing single pane windows with dual or even triple pane windows makes a huge difference—on average, Hawkins customers save up to 40% on their energy bills after replacing windows.  And because of how quickly Hawkins Exteriors installers work, it’s often just a matter of a day or two to install windows in a typical job. From the first appointment where Hawkins Exteriors provide you with a FREE quote for replacing your windows, to when the windows are ordered and arrive, the turnaround is surprisingly quick for many Hawkins customers.

Depending on the time of year and promotions offered by their vendors, Hawkins Exteriors may offer rebates on each window they replace or even offer a free patio or entry door based on the numbers of replacement windows purchased for a home. It’s best to call Hawkins Exteriors at 1-800-233-2312 or fill out a contact form for more details on these offers. As a family owned and run business, Hawkins Exteriors takes great pride in a quick response to customers and appreciate the thousands of referrals they’ve received over their 60 years of business.

While the reputation of the quality of their work has spread and their product line has expanded to include replacing doors, siding, building patio covers, installing shutters and insulation; it is window replacement that is the centerpiece of labor and love at Hawkins Exteriors.

Are you ready to have your windows replaced? Contact us today.