8 Tips to Keep your Home Cool


Another hot Sacramento summer is just around the corner!  Here are eight easy tips to help keep your home cool this summer:

1. Ensure east and west facing windows are well-shaded or have insulated window treatments, preferably in a light color that will reflect heat.

2. Keep doors, windows and other openings closed during the day to keep maximum heat and humidity outside.

3. Wait until evening to do activities that warm the house like drying clothes, baking or starting the dishwasher.

4. Use fans to keep air moving to be more comfortable at warmer temperatures. Most folks are comfortable between 72 and 78F, but with good airflow, you might be comfortable at 76-80F.

5. Make sure your air conditioner is efficient and appropriate for the space it’s cooling. Also change filters regularly for optimal air flow.

6. Try to reduce activities that add moisture to the air, but try not to use a dehumidifier while the air conditioner is running.  Dehumidifiers actually make an AC unit work harder.

7. Make sure air ducts are sealed and insulated, especially if they run through spaces that are not cooled, like attics or under the house.

8. Shade the outside half of your central AC if possible.  This can improve the unit’s performance by up to 10%.

These are just some tips, but if you’re looking for investing in your home for additional energy savings, call us today for a FREE quote on replacing windows, doors and adding insulation to your attic, a patio cover to your backyard or shutters to keep your cool air in this summer.  Just fill out this form to get started!

Instant Savings with Insulation!


It’s been a while since we’ve experienced a number of 100+ degree summer days in the Sacramento Valley– and this year we’re experiencing more than our normal share!  There are a number of ways you can better insulate your home such as replacing windows and/or doors, but one instant way to energy savings is through insulation!

Since extending our product line to include insulation early in 2013, we have helped so many customers better protect their home from the summer heat– and in turn, keep the warmth of their home inside in the winter.  That’s instant year round savings!

Check out more on insulation savings on our website here or you can complete this form here and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a FREE estimate.  Don’t let this Sacramento summer heat get the best of your dollars– protect yourself by protecting your home today!