When to Replace Windows

You’ve heard of how replacing windows can help you save on your energy bills and how you can benefit from tax rebates, but have you considered the improved UV protection new windows would provide you and your family?

Here are a few other things to consider in deciding when to replace your windows:

  • If your windows have condensation it’s a sign they may not be insulating your home enough.  The extra moisture may contribute to rotting frames and be adding to your energy bills, not to mention problems down the road with serious mold.
  • If your windows feel hot to the touch with the summer temperatures outside, it’s a sign that your windows are not providing enough insulation, therefore causing your A/C unit to work overtime– if you haven’t already noticed on your energy bills!
  • If there is a window that is broken or cracked anywhere, it’s not helping insulate your home properly and can be a hazard to you and your family.
  • If your window’s not working properly, it may be a sign something is wrong with the frame which can lead to further problems.
  • If you’re considering selling your home, new windows can increase the resale value of your home.
  • The amount of money saved in energy costs adds up fast and the windows end up paying for themselves when replaced!

If you’re debating a window replacement purchase, complete our online form for Hawkins Exteriors to come out and provide you with a FREE estimate.

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